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New Member:

Students must fill up 3 cards supplied from library counter, and submit it along with acknowledgement card (Fee book).

Within 3 working days you will get lending card (yellow card) and reference card (blue card).

Renewal :

Student must submit library cards (yellow & blue both) and the current acknowledgement card for immediate renewal.

r = 992 = hyp = Math.sqrt(960*960+250*250)

Library Services

  • Circulation
    • Issue
      1. Home Issue :

        Collect the requisition slip for home issue. Fill up the slip after searching the catalogue card and submit it to the library staff at counter. Deposit yellow card for home issue.[open access only for P.G. students].

      2. Reference Issue :

        Collect demand slip for reading room issue. Fill up the slip after searching the catalogue card and submit it to the library staff at counter. Deposit blue card for reading room issue. [open access only for P.G. students].

    • Return
      1. Home :

        For home issue you must return the book within 7 days and get back your yellow cards.

      2. Reference :

        For reading room issue you must return the books before leaving the library and get back your blue card or acknowledgement card.

  • Searching of Catalogue
    • Card Catalogue :

      Students may search in the reading room. Cards are arranged under different departments (such as Anthropology, Botany, English, Commerce etc.). Under each department cards are arranged alphabetically author wise (such as Davis, Kingsley). Subject catalogue of different departments are arranged in a single alphabetical sequence.

      • Subject Catalogue

      • Cards

      • Card Details

      • library catalogue

      • Advance Search

      Online Catalogue :

      Go to the college website
      click on library link
      click on OPAC option
      search library catalogue
      (there are many options like -title ,author, subject, isbn, series, call no ,students can search by any option).

      Students can refine their search by clicking on Advance Search option.

  • OPAC (other options)
    • Submit book purchase suggestion :

      Click on OPAC option
      select “submit book purchase suggestion”
      open a dialogue box & click on “next”
      click on “choose option”(student ,teacher, nonteaching staff)
      click on “next”
      click on “choose” option and select any one
      click on “next” and choose any one option (B.A. ,B.sc., B.com) and select year (1st yr,2nd,“next”3rd yr).
      click on “next” and open a box and fill up author name , publisher , isbn, publication, edition etc.
      click on “next” and fillup user data -- submit.

      • book purchase suggestion

      • choose option

      • select any one

      • choose any one & year

      • fill up all

      • fillup user data

      • Question paper

      • Question bank

      Question Paper :

      Click on OPAC menu
      open the library home page
      click on “question paper” menu, appear in the left side
      click on “subjects”, appear in the top menu
      click on “pdf file” to download year wise question paper.

      Question Bank :

      Open the library home page
      click on “question bank”
      question bank will be open

    • Digital Repository :

      Open the library home page
      click on “Institutional Repository”/ “Digital Repository”
      click on a title or online access content
      download the pdf file.

      N-list E- resources :

      Click on “N-list e-resource”
      open the member login page
      put your user name and password
      p.g. students and faculty members are eligible.

      • Digital Repository

      • N-List

      • Notice

      Library Notice :

      Open library OPAC page
      “Library Notice” option will appear at right hand side of the page.

      Library News :

      Open library OPAC page
      “library news” option will appear at right hand side of the page
      click on “to view” option
      open the full news.

r = 992 = hyp = Math.sqrt(960*960+250*250)


How many books can be borrowed by one student?

Student can borrow one (1) book against one membership card for home issue.2nd year Hons. Student can borrow 2 books.

How long student can keep that book?

Books lend must be return within 7 days from the date of issue, If it is necessary they may renewed farther. For reference issue students must return books before getting out of the library.

What to do if unable to return book on time?

If any one fails to return the book within due date he/she shall have to pay some of 50 paisa per day till the date of the return.

What to do if book is lost/damaged?

The loss/damage of any book issued against this card must be immediately reported to the librarian and the student concerned must either replace the lost/damage book or pay its current value.

What to do if card is lost?

Loss of library card must at once be brought to the notice of the librarian in writing with a police GD; it may be renewed on payment of a fine rs.5 only.

Timing of return of library cards?

Library card must be returned at the end of current session, while taking library clearance otherwise a fine of rs. 5 Will be charged.

r = 992 = hyp = Math.sqrt(960*960+250*250)

General Information

Student have to show their college I card whenever they are asked in the library.

Students have to maintain silence in the library.

Students are not allowed to use mobile phone in library.

Student must sign on register book in library while using the reading room.

For class lecturing reference books and journals may be taken out of the reading room but must be return within same day(for faculty members).

If necessary students may keep books reserved for them by attaching reservation slip to the book at the time they leave reading room after returning the book at the counter. They will get this book again during the same day.